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    PHP in FileMaker Pro?



      PHP in FileMaker Pro?


      Is there a way to use FileMaker Pro with PHP? Or do you have to be using FileMaker Server only to use PHP? I have been reading stuff online and I think that what it is referring to is older versions. This book, on the made for FileMaker site has also confused it for me. The title seems to say FileMaker Pro, making the distinction from Server. I have a need in a local (not server based) solution to send a request via PHP ($_POST) and get the result. I welcome any advice or suggestions. I am using FileMaker 13 Advanced on Windows. Thanks

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          If you have a PHP page hosted on a web server you can call it from a web viewer or Insert From URL script step. You can use httppost:// to send a post request in filemaker to a PHP page with the Insert From URL script step. e.g. httppost://localhost/test.php?name=bob
           In this example your $_POST array in your PHP page will have the index "name" = "bob"

          Another option is use the Send Event script step to run php.exe to parse a specified PHP file however I don't think you can view the result of the execution with Send Event. e.g. php.exe -f "C:/inetpub/wwwroot/test.php". Here's a full list of command line arguments http://php.net/manual/en/features.commandline.options.php.

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            Thanks for the reply, very helpful! You have taught me about two things to research more about. I will test to see what is possible. Thanks