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PHP Questionnaire: Copy Record to a Separate File on Server

Question asked by KAmsinger on Apr 20, 2011


PHP Questionnaire: Copy Record to a Separate File on Server


I am using FMP 10 Adv and FMPS 10 Adv. I opened up in the PHP folder within FMPS folder and did the tutorial on how to setup a php questionnaire through custom web publishing. I did the tutorial understood it, was able to implement and get it working. 

However, I have 2 files on  my server now 1.) People 2.) Questionnaire.

The questionnaire.fp7 file is the file that holds the data entered in from submitted questions through the custom web publishing side of the questionnaire.

The People file holds all my company's contacts.

What I want is an automated system when a new record is created on the Questionnaire file with the data entered into that new record from a submitted questionnaire, to then take that data and create a new record in the People file and enter in the data in the specified fields. 

If I have to merge together the 2 files or keep the separate, I don't care, which ever is easiest to make this setup happen automatically. Currently they are separate while I was learning and manipulating the php  files and fp7 file from the PHP tutorial that showed me how to set this up. 

Any help would be appreciated.