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PHP Questionnaire: Image Upload

Question asked by KAmsinger on Apr 20, 2011


PHP Questionnaire: Image Upload


I am using FMP 10 Adv and FMPS 10 Adv. I opened up in the PHP folder within FMPS folder and did the tutorial on how to setup a php questionnaire through custom web publishing. I did the tutorial understood it, was able to implement and get it working. 

On the questionnaire, that the user is filling out online, after the last question, on the form_handler.php file, I want another page to display, before submitting their answers on the summary page, to contain php coding that allows the user the option to upload 2 images and submit them to the server.

I have the coding for the upload image and was able to get the images to save to the server, however it is currently in its own html file and php files. 

I want to know which php file, that was provided in the PHP tutorial for the questionnaire, I would insert this upload image code, so 1.) they would be able to upload the images and save them to the server, and 2.) the images uploaded would be connected to the questionnaire's data being entered and submitted to a new record in my questionnaire.fp7 file on my server, and have those images inserted into container fields within the same record.