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Pick certain digits from a string of 13

Question asked by rahpe on Nov 25, 2010


Pick certain digits from a string of 13


I want to pick specific digits from a string of 13 numbers. Such as 1010708350109..I want the data input to be a numeric keypad so no letters are possible

My script would drop the first 1, enter the next 2 digits into a field, then the next 2 digits to another field, then the next 1 digit to another field, etc...

Is there a Filemaker function which will pick specific digits from such a string? I can start at the leading digits and drop them as I proceed, or start at the end..or just select in between..whatever works the string will always have the same number of digits.

Just figured out how to do it using combinations of "Left" and "Right" functions....thanks anyway, the job is done!