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    Pick list question



      Pick list question


      I'm from an Access background (your condolences are appreciated). As briefly as possible: One table is a list of time slots. I view it in table or list view so I can see as many as possible, which ones are open. Another table is people. I have a field that concatentates first, last, title, etc to make a unique name, and I have a person number. I can relate the fields through either. Typically the db operator is working in the detailed view of a person, they should be able to click a button (I've got scripts down pretty well) and have that table/list view of time slots come up, see open ones, select one and the name from the detail form gets put in there. When they close that and are back at the detail view of the person it should show their scheduled time.

      I've searched here. The forum search engine doesn't seem very accurate, and maybe "pick list" is just not a terminology or method common in FM. I looked at some templates. The "Events" template for instance has a pull down list to pick contacts to go with an event, but the properties of the field are not as a pull-down, so that's just more confusing. Trying to simply make my own pull-down it doesn't offer to connect it to a field and seems to want a dedicated list to connect it with. I just need the general approach that would flow best with FM's way of doing things. Thanks.

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          You are describing two distinct approaches and both can be made to work in FileMaker.

          Pick List:

          You can list records in a list view or in a portal and make the field or group of fields in the row a button. The button can perform a script that assigns the value to a field in your current record. Here's one possible script:

          Set Variable [$ID ; value: YourPickListTable::PrimaryKeyField ]
          Go To Layout [//specify original layout ]
          Set Field [YourTable::ForeignKeyField ; $ID]

          This assumes a separate layout for your pick list, if you display the list in a portal on the same layout, you don't even need the go to layout step. You can also pop up a floating window for this and then you'd close the window after setting the variable.

          Drop Down List:

          You can specify value lists that use the "use values from field" option to list values drawn from a table in your system. If you use the show only related values option this list of values can be limited to only those that match a specified criteria. This last method is called a conditional value list.