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Picking one field out of search results for variable?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Oct 14, 2011
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Picking one field out of search results for variable?


Hey all.  I am fairly new at FMP, so forgive me.  I have done some searching for this but I just don't think that I know the proper FM lingo to get the answer that I am looking for.  I am also more familiar with SQL type queries and it is sometimes hard to get the new FM round-peg to fit in the SQL square hole.  :)


I am trying to find some data (really a boolean) about the currently-logged-in user and trying to use that for an IF statement.  Here's the basic breakdown.

**  Get the user's name:   setvariable ($name ; Get(accountname))

**  Find that user's record in the USER table (this is a unique result, i.e. 1 record)

**  From that result, pick out whether or not that person "is X?" (yes/no).  [Would perhaps be something like:  Setvariable ($isX ; USER::isX)  ?]

** IF ($isX) ...  Else ...


In SQL I would think of it all like this:  SELECT isHuman FROM user_table WHERE user_name = "Bob Smith".  But the whole Find[] functionality confuses me a bit.


I hope this makes sense.