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    Picture - Conditional



      Picture - Conditional




      Is it possible to show a picture in a DB only when a certain condition is true?



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          Yes and there's more than one way to do it:


          Method 1:


          Store your picture in a container field.

          Define a calculation to return type container such as:

          If (field="showpicture" ; picturefield ; "" )


          Method 2:


          Store your picture in a container in a related table.

          to hide, show or select different pictures, manipulate the value of the key field.


          example: create three records in your image table.

          PictureId = 1, empty container field

          PictureID = 2, Smileyface image in container field

          PictureID = 3, Sadface image in container field


          In main table, set the matching key field to 1 to hide the image, to 2 to show a smiley face, to 3 to show the sad face.