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    Picture as button



      Picture as button


      Silly question:

      i have multiple picture on my layouts that i used as buttons (script behind). my problem is on some of them when i copy the program from one computer to another i loose them, so no picutre is hown.

      although i did "insert picture".

      i don't know why!

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          Firat two things that I'd check:

          Is the picture inserted with store a reference? (Or is that calculation field that uses the file path that I remember from earlier posts)

          If so, is the specified filepath valid for the computer to which you copied the file? The file's location must be accessible (for at least read permissions and sometimes must also be "write") from the new computer via exactly the same path as that stored in the container? (Mac's and WIndows systems tend to have different file paths to shared folders--so this can often be the problem in networks that have clients of both systems.)

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            ah sorry, i didn't explain well.

            in layout mode, i do "insert picture" on the layout and aftre this i do right click and button setup. it became like a button.

            by the way how to know if a picture, already on the layout, is by ref or not?

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                The same issue applies. When you insert a picture to the layout, "store a reference" is still an option. If you used store a reference, moving the database to a different computer could break the link to the image file specified when the image was inserted.

                Try re-inserting the image (or just copy and paste it) and make sure that store a reference is not specified. Then the file should be "portable".