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    Picture Button



      Picture Button


      Hello All,

      I am trying to create a button series that will allow pictures to show up when the button is checked.  Our product has many different options that customer can choose from.  It would be easy to click a button and have that items picture appear so the customer could see the option. 

      I have created the button and uploaded the picture, but when I click the button nothing happens.

      Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!

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          How are the pictures inserted in the container fields? Store by reference or physical copies of the picture?

          Is this an invoices with line items in a portal type layout? Do you want to click a button in the portal row and see a picture for that listed item to appear? How do you want to see it? In a window that pops up or in some other fashion?

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            It's in my work order layout.  I want to create a picture of the finished model.  I would like there to be a series of buttons ex.

            1. Gold handle

            2. Black handle

            3. Silver handle

            and when that button is selected that picture of that handle will appear on the work order layout in my designated spot.  

            I could upload a picture into a container field, but then I would need a picture of each model with each color.  Individually select which picture is the right one.

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              I don't see any way to do this but, to have a picture of each model with each possible combination of options here. This could be a table of related picture records with one container field for one picture in each record. Selecting your options can then include actions that control what related picture record provides the picture shown on your layout.