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Picture Field problem

Question asked by RickMorton on May 12, 2015
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Picture Field problem


I'm trying to get back into Filemaker and have downloaded the trial. In trying to add a new photo field to the sample contacts layout, I hit a snag. I went to INSERT - FIELD - PHOTO CONTAINER and created a new one. But it pulls the photo I've put in the photo field in the contact list that already was there. It appears that you have to set a field for the container to get data from. All I want is a photo field that I can use to store a photo in the record. What am I missing? In the screenshot you can see the existing photo frame top left. I can insert a photo here. But when I add a new photo field it pulls the photo from the contact field. If I insert a new photo into the new field, it appears in both fields, also. I want two DIFFERENT photos in each record. ???