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    Picture Link to Text Field



      Picture Link to Text Field


      Hi - I am BRAND NEW to Filemaker - I have just been messing with it for a few weeks now. I'm trying to set up an inventory database for our school and I am also new to working with Macs. I have a folder where I am storing the database that I am creating in Filemaker but I have also added to that folder a few pictures. What I would like to do is......if I type in eMac in the "Item" text box is it possible to have a picture of the eMac show up in the picture box? Without me having to physically make that link to that single picture on every eMac computer in the inventory?


      Hopefully I am making my question clear!  

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          Howdy MBschoolLabTech,

          Thanks for the post.



          Make a second table {Table 2} that has fields "Item" (text field) and "Picture" (container field).


          Link tables 1&2 by the field "Item"


          Create a layout based on Table 2, and put the pictures you want into the appropriate container fields, and the matching text in the text feild.


          Put the Table2:: picture field on the layout you are trying to work with (the layout based on Table 1).


          Now when you're on the Table 1 layout and you type text into Table1::Field, it will engage the relationship with Table2 and the matching Table2:: picture field will appear.


          Is this what you're after?