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picture sizing

Question asked by joedunn on Mar 27, 2013
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picture sizing


     Hi Everyone,

     I'm working out some kinks in my new filemaker system and I could use a little help with image sizes in container fields.  Here's the back story:

     I inventoried about 2500 records with Bento.

     We decided to get filemaker pro to track our inventory. 

     I imported all of the records into filemaker.  Since filemaker won't import photos from Bento, I manually dragged and dropped all 2500 photos into container fields. (very time consuming)

     Working with Filemaker Pro in our office, over the LAN, the performance is fine.  Working with filemaker go remotely though is very slow.  Slow but usable via wifi.  Too slow via 3G.

     From what I've read, it seems that the size of the picture files may be what is making the database slow down so much when connected remotely.  

     I did a batch resize of all of my images.  I did not change the filenames.  I replaced the Picture folder in the database with the new smaller sized Picture folder I created.  Now filemaker has an error message in each container field that says : <Tampered: "filename">  

     My question is, how do I resize all of the existing pictures and have them show up in my container fields?  How does Filemaker know which picture goes with which records?  I don't see anything in the filenames that connects each image to a particular record.  Any help is appreciated.  

     Thank you,