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    pictures are growing file too fast



      pictures are growing file too fast



      I made a simple database and pasted three pictures into three container fields. Each picture was less than 1mb but the database file grew to 19 mb.  What's wrong here?  Thank you for any help.



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          pictures inside a database always blow up file size and adds enormuos overhead. initial 19 mb for three pics, hmmm, not what i would like to see, but ok.


          try out a second record, and insert one picture with the size of 1 mb. how much will the database grow now? from 19 to 20 mb (or similar in size)?


          i would say that 10 to 20% more in the database will be ok for each picture.


          to keep your database slim, you have to link (oops, right word?) the picture to the database field. this option is somewhere hidden when loading the picture to the field, find it yourself ;-)


          but ... when only linking the pictures to the filemaker file, you have to moove the picture folder with all pictures too, when you move your database to anothe machine. And when you present the file via filemake sharing, all clients must see the picture folder under exactly the same path !!!


          greetings from germany


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            Thank you Chris,

            Your information was interesting and helpful. I found out that if you copy and paste a photo, it will grow the over all file much more than if you use the "insert"- "picture" menu command.


            Thank you.  Marco