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Pictures in Portal on IWP

Question asked by TheRugi on Oct 19, 2009


Pictures in Portal on IWP


I am using FileMaker Pro 10.0v3 on Mac OS 10.6. I am a fairly new user, I started a few weeks ago, but I did take a full course on relational databases and relational algebra so I'm at least somewhat familiar on the concept.


So, I have three tables, let's call them pictures, info, and album. I have the relations set up like this:


album » info » picture


The picture table has a picture in it, and the info table has all the info about that picture. All three tables have a field called "album name" which I'm using as a primary/foreign key.


What I want to do is, in the album table, have a portal that contains fields from the info table and also have the related picture in it too. I can only set up the portal to get from one table, the info table, but I was also able to add a field in there that gets from the picture table. On FileMaker, this works, but when I view it on the web using Instant Web Publishing, all the images in the portal are broken. Wait a second...




I just got an idea while writing this post, and I decided to make the portal get from the picture table instead of the info table and now it works on IWP. *facepalm* Thanks guys. Talking about my problem helped me debug once again. I'll just post this just in case anyone else has a similar problem.