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Pictures won't stay in container fields

Question asked by CarrieB. on Oct 27, 2013
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Pictures won't stay in container fields


     I am using FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server 12. I have 3 container fields that I want to insert pictures into. I am accessing my file remotely using FileMaker Pro. I insert the pictures and everything works fine until I exit FileMaker and return to it. Then, those fields are empty. I remember having this issue before I started using Server. At that time I was running FileMaker Pro on my server and sharing the files from there. I would have to make sure I added the images from the server and not from another user accessing the file remotely. However, I can't use and modify the files in FileMaker Server, so I don't know how to get these images to stay in the container fields. Would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!!