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    Pie Cart on Table Data



      Pie Cart on Table Data




           I have watched Lynda videos and scoured the internet and cannot seem to do what I find to be so simple in Excel.  


           I must be doing something very silly.


           I am trying to create a pie chart showing me how many full time vs part time employees I have.


           In my table, there is a field called FT.or.PT in which data is entered by a value list of (you guessed it) FT or PT.


           Additionally, I have a field called FTforCouting which says if ( FT.or.PT = "FT" ; 1;"") so that I can summarize this data.  Naturally I have another which does the same for PT.  I then have a field which is a running count of FT and one of PT...


           How can I make a pie chart with two slices, one FT and one PT (since these are the only two possible values)?


           Please tell me I am doing something very minor wrong...


           Thank yo hin advance for your help.

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               the FTforCounting field is not needed for your chart.

               Define a summary field in your table that computes the "count of" a field that is never empty such as the table's primary key field.

               Specify this summary field as your Y-Series or "wedge" data.

               Specfiy the data source option for summarized data on the data source tab

               Sort your records by the FT.or.PT field to group your records into two groups and you should now see two wedges on your pie chart based on the data in your current found set.

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                 Thank you so much!


                 Of course your recommendation worked flawlessly!!!  Thank you so much.