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Pie Cart on Table Data

Question asked by obospieler on May 7, 2014
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Pie Cart on Table Data




     I have watched Lynda videos and scoured the internet and cannot seem to do what I find to be so simple in Excel.  


     I must be doing something very silly.


     I am trying to create a pie chart showing me how many full time vs part time employees I have.


     In my table, there is a field called FT.or.PT in which data is entered by a value list of (you guessed it) FT or PT.


     Additionally, I have a field called FTforCouting which says if ( FT.or.PT = "FT" ; 1;"") so that I can summarize this data.  Naturally I have another which does the same for PT.  I then have a field which is a running count of FT and one of PT...


     How can I make a pie chart with two slices, one FT and one PT (since these are the only two possible values)?


     Please tell me I am doing something very minor wrong...


     Thank yo hin advance for your help.