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Pie Chart

Question asked by AdrianGorman on Jan 31, 2011
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Pie Chart



I am not sure if this is possible but - I have 2 peices of data in a training database:
1 in a field called TotalHoursRequired (which is for the total amount of hours required to complete the training package - this is auto entered data),

The other data is in a field called HoursCompleted ( which is the amount of hours the student has completed to date towards the total required and added by me as the hours are built up)

I want to produce a Pie Chart that shows the progress of the student's accumulated hours - with the full pie representing the TotalHoursRequired, and the slice reperesenting the HoursCompleted. So as the student completes more hours the slice grows to give a representation of their progress. (a similar look to the 'Windows' hard drive properties Pie Chart that shows space availabe/space used)

I cannot figure out how to do this and would appriciate some help.