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    Pie Chart



      Pie Chart


           Not sure if it is possiable...


           I have two values


           Value 1 = 50

           Value 2 = 5


           I wanted to make a pie chart that shows how close the 5 is to getting up to 50... essentially with these values 10% of the pie graph would be full and when value 2 got up to 10 it would be 20% full.

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               You would need to chart 2 values in your Y series:

               value 2 and value 1 - value 2.

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                 What do you mean by that? Chart area confuses me :)

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                   50 represents the entire pie.

                   You need a y axis value for each 'wedge' of the pie.

                   if you have a two wedge pie and one piece is 5, the value of the second wedge must be 45 (50 - 5).

                   How you get those values in a format that you can chart will depend on your data model.

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                     Here is how I have the values set up


                     Value 1 = Number Field

                     Value 2 = Number Field


                     How would I go about getting it so it shows both on the Pie chart, I dont get how the charts work cause it only shows one box for a field or calculation so how do I set it up so it has both fields in the chart?


                     Thank you for your help so far

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                       You can use a calculation expression to produce (Return)  delimitted data:

                       List ( Field1 ; Field2 - Field1 )

                       You can then specify delimitted data as the data source for your chart.

                       If you need further assisstance, please give the version of FileMaker that you are using.