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Pie Chart - Giving Wrong Calculations

Question asked by FKonopatski on Aug 15, 2011
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Pie Chart - Giving Wrong Calculations


I know I messed up something here because it is only doing what I tell it to, but I am getting additional fields and wrong amounts for my pie chart.  I ony have 4 test records and three fields.  In essence I have a status field for each contact with three options (active, inactive, pending).  I tried to display a pie chart just for an effect which would continually update the amount/percentage.

What I did:

  • Created a StatusCountOf and made it a Summary.  I selected Count of and the field (Status) and checked Running Count.
  • I made my Pie chart.  Named it Status Summary under Chart Title.  Under Label Data I put the field Contact Management::Status
  • Under Value Data I put Contact Management::StatysCountOf
  • Use Data Form I put it on Current Found Set and I checked the Show Data Points for Groups of Records When Sorted Box.
The end result is a pie chart with an additional Active field and all the numbers don't correlate to the amount of records for each section.
I would appreicate any help and insight on where I went awry.  Thank you!