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    Pie Chart Calculations



      Pie Chart Calculations


      I have configured a pie chart giving the percentages of values within a value list expressed as a drop down list or pop up menu. I am able to achieve a pie chart however the percentages are not correct. The five values move from large percantage to small in an alphebetical order depending on which way they were sorted. How can I get the correct calculations?

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          How have you set this up currently?

          There are many approaches here that you may have tried. The design of this table and any calculations you are using may prove a useful starting point here.

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            The drop down field is named comodity and is divided in to 5 values on a drop down list. I have attempted to construct a pie chart using Comodity as x-axis or labal data and a sumery value called comodity count as the y-value or value data using data from a current found set, showing data points from groups or records when sorted.

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              The values on the drop down list are text.

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                Still not sure if this is what you have or not. Check the following description before following the suggested steps at the bottom:

                You have a set of records. One field in each record is formatted as a drop down list where one of several values may be selected for that field. Let's pretend the drop down had three values: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral. You want to produce a pie chart that shows what percent of your found set has one of these value selected.

                First, define a summary field, cValueCount as the "count of" this drop down list formatted text field.

                In your pie chart, Select cValueCount as your value data and use the text field as your label data.

                As you have already tried, select the found set and groups of records options.

                Now sort your records by the text field to group them and you should get the pie chart you want here.

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                  You rock, I think the problem might have been I was using a runing count in the sumary field.