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    Pie Chart for simple Pass/Fail Audit



      Pie Chart for simple Pass/Fail Audit


      While I am not new to Filemaker, the pie charts are killing me.  I am attempting to create a simple audit document with a pass/fail radio button set.  I want the pie chart to show the amount (in pie sections) of fails on each group of associated questions.  I can't seem to get the pie chart to react to the questions in the document.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have attached a sample of the document.



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          Charting from within FileMaker is in it's infancy being new with FileMaker 11.

          I see that you have a series of fields formatted with single value radio buttons.

          Do you want a pie chart of each group of buttons for a single record or will the chart refer to data from across the current found set?

          Do you want to chart what percentage of the first group of questions are pass and which are fail for the current record or something else?

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            At this point, I would like the pie chart next to each group of records to refer that single record.  Since the total number of questions is very small, the percentage is not necessary.  In the future the plan is to build a bigger database that will show %'s over a specific time.  I created the two fields over to the right of the first group in an attempt to use them in the same fashion you can in Excel.

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              Pie charts will display data as a percentage in each wedge which is why I spoke in terms of percentages.

              With FileMaker charts you have to feed them a data series. This can be from the found set, a set of related records or delmitted data where each value is separated by a return. Given your record structure, you'll need this last option.

              In the Value data section of the Pie Chart setup, select specify calculation and enter this calculation for the first pie chart:

              Let ( Fails = ( YourTable::Field1 = "Fail" ) + 
                                ( YourTable::Field2 = "Fail" ) +
                                ( YourTable::Field3 = "Fail" ) +
                                ( YourTable::Field4 = "Fail" ) +
                                ( YourTable::Field5 = "Fail" ) ;
                      List ( Fails ; 5 - Fails )

              This produces a two element list with the number of fields marked "Fail" in the first element and the number not marked "fail" in the second.

              In the Use data from drop down, select Current Record (Delimitted Data).