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Pie chart issues

Question asked by AliSheikh on Jan 20, 2014
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Pie chart issues


     I'm trying to create a simple pie chart off of a start up template from fm pro 12 called inventory.


     The problem I'm running into is trying to figure out how to chart values from two fields in the lines table called 'stock transaction'. I have two fields in the lines table called " activity" and "units out". Activity is just storing text values of employee names in my office who take out stock items for use. The 'units out' is logging the amount they're taking out.

     Now whenever I try to base a pie chart off of the above mentioned fields, it doesn't combine the activity labels , so for example if Andrew took out an item today and tomorrow, the chart will create two slices of Andrew with a qty of 1 on each slice, instead of having one slice of Andrew with a value of 2. The layout is based off the lines table as well.


     Can someone help me out with this, thanks.