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    Pie chart of found records



      Pie chart of found records


      I thought this would be simple but I cannot figure out how to do it.  I essentially want to replicate the green pie chart in the menu that shows the number of found records from a find.  I have a global field in my table that shows the count of only the found set but how do I translate that to the pie chart?  I find the chart aspect of FM quite confusing.

      I figure once I master the simple chart above, I can expand to creating a chart that shows the total found quantities of a found set to the total in the table, etc.

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          You do not need any field to chart this data as you can specify a calculation as the source of data for your "wedge" data. But you'll need at least two wedges and this won't be data where you can use the "found Set" data source option.

          Select the "delimited data" data source option.

          And specify the calculation option for your category labels and slice data.

          Your category labels calc can be: List ( "found" ; "Omitted" )

          Your Slice Data calc can be: List ( Get ( FoundCount ) ; Get ( TotalRecordCount ) - Get ( FoundCount ) )

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            Works perfectly!  But on my layout in browse mode, the graph itself is a puny size relative to the field size.  I have set padding to zero for all sides, top and bottom.  Other than the pie chart itself, I have no text, legends, etc.  How I can get the chart to fill the area?

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              Unfortunately, that is a known limitation to chart objects in FileMaker. You'd have to either find a way to make that work by modifying your layout design or use a different tool to chart your data--such as Java in a web viewer or a plug in that offers different charting options than the build in tool.