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    Pie Chart to show profit margin?



      Pie Chart to show profit margin?




      I'm trying to make a pie chart in my projects table that compares the total costs of the project vs. the Project's Value.

      I have a caculation field for total costs (c_OurCosts), a calculation field for the total Project value, which simply adds all related sales orders and change orders (c_ProjectValue), and a calculation field that shows the Profit on Return (c_ProfitOnReturn).

      The Profit on Return field uses this calc:

      (c_OurCosts / c_ProjectValue) * 100


      When I use that calculation on a particular project I get the result of 48.95, which tells me that the pie chart should be split almost equally between our cost and the project value, but what I'm getting displayed is Project value = 67.14% and Our cost = 32.86%.


      My pie chart is setup as such:

      Label Data: "Our Costs" & ¶ & "Project Value"

      Value Data: PROJECT::c_OurCosts & ¶ & PROJECT::c_ProjectValue

      Current Record (deliminated data)


      What am I doing wrong?