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    pie charts



      pie charts


      I have a table called coverage and another one called coverageReport 

      In the table coverage the user can enter lots of data but for the purposes of this they enter date and region (coverage::date and coverage::region)

      the two tables are linked by date so coverage report has a start date and an end date and they are linked when coverage::date is between coverageReport::startdate and CoverageReport::Enddate.

      coverage::region is a drop down box with 7 possible entries. for the porposes of this lets say A,B,C,D,E,F,G

      I would like to do a piechart in coverageReport for coverage::region

      How can I do this?

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          Do your report from a layout based on Coverage. From what you describe here, you don't really need the CoverageReport table, but you could have good reason to use it for reasons not given in this post.

          You can perform a find to pull up all records in Coverage in a given date range and sort them by region. This can be automated with a script such that you select dates ain a pair of global date fields and the script finds and sorts the records for you on a report layout based on Coverage. Then your pie chart can chart the groups of data using a summary field to provide the data for the wedges of your chart. Be sure to specify "groups of data when sorted" in your chart set up.

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            I now have a count for all my regions

            7 new fields called region A, Region B, .....,Region G in each of them i have the total occurances of that region

            as it happens

            region A =41

            region D = 11

            and Region F=3


            how on earth do i get filemaker to create a pie chart 

            what do i put in "lable data" and "value data"


            I have now started looking for a protractor to draw one of these instead:-)

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              Don't uses separate fields for the regions.

              Use ONE field for the Region with a summary field that counts this field.

              Let's try this excersize first as a start up for your pie chart.

              Create a new layout based on Coverage

              Define a summary field that "counts" the Region field.

              Use Part Setup In the Layout menu to create a sub summary layout part. Choose your Region field as the "when sorted by" or "break" field.

              Put this new summary field in the sub summary layout part.

              Return to browse mode and sort your records by Region.

              You should see the numbers you want in the wedges of your pie chart in the sub summary layout part.

              If you can get this to work, we can modify this layout to display your pie chart.