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    Pie Charts



      Pie Charts



      I am having some trouble understanding how to make charts effectively...

      I would like to show, of the total number of products that I have, with a certain ProductStatus of "New" or "Reorder "and display which manufacturers are creating those products. I am thinking maybe since my products are not linked to manufacturing, but rather Project...? Please see the attached image of my graph. Thanks.


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          You should be able to base your chart layout on products, perform a find for the products with the desired status and sort them by Manufacturer::Company Name--the field that you can use to label the wedges. A summary "count of" field can be used to specify the width of the wedge.

          But this gives you one wedge per manufacturer. If you want one wedge for each unique combination of Manufacturer and Status, let me know as we'll need to get a bit more sophisticated in how to correctly sort the records.

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            Here's an image of what I'd like to achieve...

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              This is exactly what I have described the method for in my last post. If there were, say, two wedges for each Factory, one for "new" and one for "re-order", we'd have to come up with some creative work arounds given the limits of FileMaker Pie Charts, but this is not the case here, so please refer to my last post.