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Pie Charts: Thought this would an easy one But ...

Question asked by JoelCornette on Jun 30, 2011
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Pie Charts: Thought this would an easy one But ...


Trying to convert a previous database to FM Pro 11, reconstructing pie charts -- nothing seems to work. Read the forum here, but still getting the same results ...

Basics:  I have a database with a field of voters -- Table is Voters. There is a field called "party", where party can be "REP","DEM", "UNA" -- looking to construct a pie chart the shows the % of the pie for each slice ... that is, for the found set I can see the % of DEM, REP and UNA ... 

1. Created a new field in the database "ByPartySumCountOf", type "Summary", count of party.

2. Created a new layout, with the chart ... chart type Pie

3. Label Data:  Voters::party .... Value Data: ByPartySumCountOf

4. Use Data from: Current Found Set

Any Thoughts? (I can reduce # records and get a pie chart but I get a slice for every record.) ..Thanks