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    Pie chat to show related records



      Pie chat to show related records


      Haven't been able to figure this out and thought I would throw the question up here.

      I have a Time Management database with two tables <Time Management> and <Task>. Task is related to Time Management via Record ID.

      Each record in Time Management is one day, with a portal to TASK there that has multiple line items to list out the task during the day.

      Each Task has a category (meeting, web, graphic work, lunch...ect.) and a time listed as minutes to complete.

      Trying to figure out how to put a PIE graph on the Time Management layout that will keep the chart current as I keep adding things through out the day. The Pie chart should be listing out pie slices for each category. (example if I spent half the day in meetings and half the day working on website stuff, it would show a 50/50 pie chart).

      Thank You for any help!