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PIM contact manager for small group of remote users.

Question asked by AlastairL on May 2, 2009
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PIM contact manager for small group of remote users.




I'm looking for an integrated solution for a small work group of users. The business has 5000 contacts/clients most of that get sent a bi-monthly newsletter. Of these contacts 10 or so may be enrolling in short training courses run by the business. Some may be new contacts the courses are happening at rate of a few per week. The part time staff enrolling the seminars and courses process  the telephone and email applications remotely, from home or where-ever. The boss is at the office and at present he's the only one with the full 5000 contacts and has to process new contacts manually into his windows address book. The remote users are on Mac, as am I, but being part time staff this will surely change.


Can Filemaker Pro running on a single machine act as a co-ordinated repository for the contact data. I'm assuming sending the emails would be a cinch (would need to send in BCC groups of 100 because of 250K attachment, which I'd like to remove, but have resistance to this sensible proposal). I'm aware of other 3rd party bulk emailer software and how it can handle subscribe/unsubscribe. Can FileMaker poke around in POP accounts or have notification scripts sending it new contact data or would that require Server edition. (I think we use a BulkEmailer rather than go to Serve edition as business is quiet small).


Thanks for hearing me out. I'm due so credit, I persevered with Bento for whole v1 period to be slapped in the face with v2! I'm aware FileMaker is a much more robust and deployed software.