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pinfo file saved under users\shared on Mac

Question asked by PhilipMinor on Aug 5, 2013
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pinfo file saved under users\shared on Mac


     Hello, I am IT support for a University where some Admin Assistants use FileMaker.  We recently purchased FileMaker Pro 12 for a member of our staff and our office manager noticed that the program installed a file "pinfo" under the shared folder:

     /users/shared/FileMaker/Filemaker Pro/12.0/pinfo

     The office manager has requested that nothing be saved in the Shared folder.  If I delete or move this file I get an error stating that there was a change and that I need to reinstall FileMaker.  I reinstalled FileMaker and selected custom install.  It shows everything will be installed under the Applications/FileMaker 12 folder and nothing under the shared folder but it still adds it during install.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.

     Thank you,

     Phil Minor