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    pinfo file saved under users\shared on Mac



      pinfo file saved under users\shared on Mac


           Hello, I am IT support for a University where some Admin Assistants use FileMaker.  We recently purchased FileMaker Pro 12 for a member of our staff and our office manager noticed that the program installed a file "pinfo" under the shared folder:

           /users/shared/FileMaker/Filemaker Pro/12.0/pinfo

           The office manager has requested that nothing be saved in the Shared folder.  If I delete or move this file I get an error stating that there was a change and that I need to reinstall FileMaker.  I reinstalled FileMaker and selected custom install.  It shows everything will be installed under the Applications/FileMaker 12 folder and nothing under the shared folder but it still adds it during install.

           Any help would be greatly appreciated.

           Thank you,

           Phil Minor

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               This file has caused me problems as well.  We keep our Users directories on separate partitions in order to preserve users files while applying a standard image.  I then use a symlink on the Boot drive to point to the Users folder on the second partition.  I do not preserve the "/Users/Shared" directory at all when building new images.  After applying the new image and launching Filemaker, I get the following error:

               "This application has been installed incorrectly or modified by another program. Please run the Installer to get a fresh copy of the application after determining the cause."

               To fix it, I have to reinstall Filemaker again and then everything works.  This method doesn't scale well and negates the purpose of having a standard image.  So my ultimate solution was to create a folder in the root of the standard image to preserve the "Users/Shared" folder and then rsync it into the Users directory after imaging a new machine.  It is an extra step, but it sure beats reinstalling Filemaker for every new machine.

               Does anyone know what this "pinfo" file is used for?  It appears to be new in Filemaker 12v5.  In previous versions, you didn't need the "Shared" directory at all.  The only thing that was installed in there before was an "uninstall.sh" script.  I am hoping to just get a little more information on what this file is so that I can plan my images better.


               Dan West


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            I had the same problem. I got a hint from https://wiki.afp548.com/index.php/Licensing_Locations#FileMaker_Pro_10 and noticed, using terminal

                sudo ls -al /Applications/FileMaker\ Pro\ 12/FileMaker\ Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/

            that I had nothing inside this "Mac OS" folder apart from the FileMaker Pro executable. A control-click on my FileMaker Pro.app (> Show Package contents) revealed the following:

                     FileMaker Pro

            and so I just copied over the pInfo file into the Mac OS folder. While a simple option-drag actually worked, this resulted in my being the new file's owner, and I figured it might be best to instead do

                sudo cp /Users/Shared/FileMaker/FileMaker\ Pro/12.0/pInfo /Applications/FileMaker\ Pro\ 12/FileMaker\ Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/

            so that root would be the owner. I was again able to launch FMP even after having renamed the Shared folder. Though I would be nervous about losing this pInfo file, and so may end up keeping the renamed Shared folder and contents around, and/or a backup of the pInfo file.