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    Placing a Table on a Tab Control?



      Placing a Table on a Tab Control?


            I have a table of Terms and Contractions that are unrelated to any of the other tables in the database and would like to place this table on one of the Tabs of the Control and display in Table View.

           Any ideas on how this can be accomplished? The content relates to the projet but there is no need to have link which seem what is needed to display the table in the control.


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               Well I guess the link is needed to display it then. Good enough reason.

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                  Why would I want a link if nothing is related between the two tables? I'm just trying to display a group of terms on a Tab that shares the Controller with another table. Why does the controller need to have the two tables linked? At times it is obvious that it may be needed but not every time.

                 There is probably a work around that someone might be aware of.

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                   FileMaker requires a link in order to set up a portal to the table. It's the only way to place a "table" like view of the data inside a tab control.

                   The relationship can be quite simple such as one that uses the X operator such that any record in one table matches to all records in the other.

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                      The problem is that NONE of the records in the Parent table match any of the fields of the records in the child table. The results is having non of the records in the portal table (child) shown. To me this makes sense because there is no referencing to a parent field in the parent table.

                     What am I missing here?

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                       Use the X operator instead of = in the relaitonship. You can select any fields you want as match fields and you get the same results. You can even delete the match fields from the table after creating this relationship and it will still work for you portal.

                       To change the operator from = to X, double click the relationship line in Manage | Database | Relationships.

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                          Thanks, it works fine. It's just knowing were the X operator is applied. Thanks again.

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                           Now I have another problem in that the table is displayed in List View raither than the desired Table View. I see how I can set the primary table for the form to a different view but I need to set the child table on the Tab Control from List to Table View.

                           Again any help would be appriciated. 

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                             There are no "views" for portals.

                             But you can enter layout mode, click the portal and drag the handles to resize the portal row and you can edit the contents of a portal row just like you can the rest of the layout. You can add more fields, remove them, add buttons, layout text etc. Thus a portal can look like a table, or be re-arranged to look quite different--it can even look like a mini "form view" of your data.

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                                The portal formating is not a problem. It's getting to wherever I need to go to change the table in the Tab Control to the desired view. After selecting the portal (on the tab control) and then going to the menu "Layout -> Layout Setup" the dialog displays the parent table which is not what needs to be changed. I cannot find anything in the current FileMaker 12 book and have found nothing in the lynda.com programs yet. Right clicking the selected portal does not provide anything that relates to changing the view.


                               I'm still lost.

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                                 To repeat, there is no "view" to change. IF you want the portal to refer to a different table occurrence, enter layout mode and  select it then use Portal Setup or just double click teh portal.

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                                    Nope, I'm sorry but it looks like I'll have to take a bunch of these questions to a local source. I've played with the responses on the Forum (which is very much appriciated) and the very good classes on Lynda.com and neither can answer at lot of questions. I have tought aircraft systems on $40M aircraft to other pilots and worked with may other complx software like FrameMaker but all the little things in FileMaker can not be found in a book or webcast.

                                   Thanks anyhow,

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                                     Nope???? That doesn't give me anything that I can go on to explain this further. I've been using FileMaker since version 2.5 BTW, so I do know what I am talking about here.

                                     What I am describing is extremely simple and straight forward. I suspect that a misunderstanding in the terms used between us has caused considerable confusion.

                                     You are welcome to consult a local information source--nothing like a real time dialog to get to the bottom of an issue, but I predict that you will find that what you want to do is either quite simple to do or not something that is available as a built in feature of FileMaker but for which there is an acceptable work around.

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                                        I totally agree with you, the difference is that you clearly understand the process and I do not have enough understanding of the system to follow along. This is a problem with using programs like Lynda.com, I can not absorb what is needed unless the lynda.com is paused and I step through the process to get thing clear enough so recall will work.

                                       It's the same thing pilots do when training in a simulator, using hand-eye coordination to work though a process along with repitition really does a lot for recall. This is why pilots retrain every six months or year on the procedures that are not done on a daily bases and insure that what is done daily is accomplished in the correct way, no shortcuts.


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                                         On the other hand you can try using different terms to describe what you want.

                                         You've said "I want to change the portal from "Table view" to "List View" and this is an impossibility. But there are layout designs that can easily produce that appearance. For example, many layouts have buttons created to look like tabs in a tab control, but they are not really tabs in a tab control, Insted they are buttons that switch layouts. There then is one layout for each button in the set of "tabs" designed to such that the change in layouts looks like the user has changed tabs, but since you have changed layouts, each layout can refer to a different table and you can use list view where you would otherwise have to place a portal on a layout designed for use in Form View.