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Placing the database on my MacBook where others can update it

Question asked by cliveinspain on May 28, 2009
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Placing the database on my MacBook where others can update it


I am self taught (and therefore know very little) with Filemaker since 1.1 in 1985, and have created a very messy 8000 record subscriber/donor data base on my MacBook which is back-up with Time Machine, most hours. Because I need 2 other people (who answer the phone calls) to be able to update the information, I looked at who use open source software as a web-based solution. My two friends would have password protected access. Trouble was, OrangeLeap cannot cope with accents on letters, and all my names and addresses are in Spanish. OrangeLeap suggested I use their former MPX system, which accepts accents, but is grossly inferior to the Filemaker v5 I use. If you search for Garcia, MPX will only find it if it is the first surname, but not if it is the second (all Spaniards have TWO). If you omit an accent, Filemaker knows you didn't mean it, but not MPX.  MPX also requires a Fixed IP address which is impossible for my two ladies in their (Spanish = 3rd world technology) homes.


So I am forced to look at whether Filemaker can help me move forward. Is there a way that I can safely 'place' my database 'somewhere' orat where I have ample room, where the two girls (hopefully without my having to provide them with legit Filemaker) can make changes. We are an NGO that doesn't cover its costs - our donors are Hispanics, as are our readers.


I hope I have given enough information so that someone can understand my dilemma.Hoping (and praying) that one of you reading this, can help.


Clive (in Spain)