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Plain speaking Instant Web Publishing Please!!!

Question asked by Suze on Jul 20, 2010
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Plain speaking Instant Web Publishing Please!!!


I have tried to set up Instant Web Publishing and understand it in broad terms but have a router and network / firewall issues I think which are preventing access from the outside world - can anyone help in laymans terms???

I have set IWP up, but as my pc is on a network, the IP address FMPro has used is my 'internal' IP address, which is;591 - I realise I am using port 591 and not the default 80.  However my pc's IP address as found using a web search is

I don't know how to see if my ports are forwarding, open etc and also don't want to fiddle with my firewall too much in case I mess it up, however I have made sure that all FMPro traffic is allowed in my program rules but am not sure what traffic rules to allow, either inbound or outbound.

I can access the database via IWP on the internet from my machine, but this is sat on the network, any machine on an external network cannot - can anyone PLEASE help!!!!