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Plain text input?

Question asked by RoryDale on Jul 27, 2011
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Plain text input?


Hi all, I'm hoping there is a simple answer to this, I've been struggling for a while now trying to figure it out.

I am using FMP9 as a front end to a MYSQL database, this all works fine. The simple question is, when I am adding or editing data using filemaker, I need to be able to input plain text into the fields, specifically quotation marks and apostrophes. How do I set my fields to be plain text only? Currently no matter what I try when I enter a quotation mark it comes up as a curled quotation mark, not a straight plain text mark. This creates problems when the field information is specifying a link, for example.

I've tried setting different fonts for the field but that doesn't seem to solve the problem.

Please make me feel dumb by solving this simply!!

Thank you in anticipation, Rory