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    Plain Theme with White Background



      Plain Theme with White Background


           My goal is to append a page to a number of existing PDF files and the only thing on the pages is the following text: This is a blank page. I've created a layout (the layout has no header or footer - just a body) and a script that does exactly what I want.

           My problem is that I cannot find a theme that has white as a background color. Therefore, when I add a page to the existing PDF files, the blank-page looks different...because of the background colour.

           Doing a bit if research, I can see that you can create custom themes in Filemaker 12 Pro, and I even located the theme files! However, I don't know anything about css and that type of programming.

           Any suggestions on how I can get a theme that does not require anything, but a white background?

           All suggestions are apprecaited....