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Play Button Script

Question asked by AlexKalmakrian on Feb 4, 2014
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Play Button Script



     So I'm now trying to build a Music Library, which in itself is useful to be able to find records by genre, artist / composer etc.

     What I'd really love to do though, would be to be able to create a basic player inside of Filemaker Pro.

     I've created a 'Play' button, and a 'Stop' button, but they obviously do nothing at the moment without the appropriate script. I recognise that this is a complex thing for a novice FileMaker user like me to accomplish...

The furthest I've got is:

     - Creating a new field called 'File'

     - Changed 'File' into a Container field

     - Inserted .mp3 file as QuickTime

     The result is that I don't like the way Filemaker appends the player within the cell (see attached screenshot.)

     Any further guide would be really appreciated. Thanks.