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Play external audio file through script in FM

Question asked by SamPatterson on Sep 26, 2011
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Play external audio file through script in FM


I have a database which has records of audio files which live on our network.  One of the fields in the database is the filepath for each audio file.  I would like to create a script which will play the audio file which is named in the filepath field.

I do not want to put the audio into a container field as this database has over 40k records and will only get larger.

I have tried the Send Event script step and i can get that to open the VLC media player, but I then have to go back to filemaker and copy the path from the filepath field.  Is there a way to automate this whole proces without having to go back and manually copy the file path?

With the Send Event script step, I can get it to open text documents or spreadsheets with no problem.  It doesn't seem to work the same for an audio file.

A typical path  in the filepath field would be something like:  d:\library\audio\nature sounds\AP01_01_01.wav

The filepath field is set up as a text field.