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    Play Sound When new record is created



      Play Sound When new record is created


      i have a database that is used for service calls, i would like to notify all users in the office when a new Call or record is placed with a sound file.

      so call is place record is submitted and sound is played on all users pc's 

      is this possible ?

      thanks you

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          You only have two ways to play a sound from FileMaker: There's the Beep script step that will play the system sound specified for that computer or you can store a sound file in a container and play it (Takes a go to field step to play the recorded sound, I think...)

          The main challenge, though, would be getting that alert to occur for all users of the database. Best I can suggest would be a script that uses Install On Timer Script to run periodically on all your user's computers. This timer would run a script that checks to see if any new records were created and then uses one of the above two approaches to "play" the sound if any new have been created since the last check.