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    Playing with time ... Finding a differences



      Playing with time ... Finding a differences


      I would like to finally learn how to calculate the differences as  in a start moment and an end moment - the right way..  While I have done this on my own in the past I fear I may have done this in the most diffucult way possible and I hope some one can guide me to a more driect which may be easier.

      In the past I have learned that simply by taking: Time B - Time A  .... gives one a system number, which for the life of me I fail to see how to bring it BACK to a human decipherable form of time.  In the past I have parsed TIme A and Time B in to hours and minutes and pushed about 6 numbers back and forth for each time recorded to finally reach the difference in time   i find this .. unweildly.

      IS theere a faster way to find differences in times?  Or am I really doing this the 'fast" way alreadty?

      Peter Kelley

      St. Paul, MN

      MacMIni. FM Pro 10 Advanced