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      I have a problem. I'm Turkish so english bad.
      My document's Layout Mode off.I don't open layout mode and layout.What should I do to turn this? I want to change document but I don't. How do i change document? 

      (Sorry,english very bad)

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          Howdy WnDrL,


          If you are in Layout mode and do not want to be, look under the "View" dropdown and choose Browse Mode.

          If you want to be in Layout mode, look under the "View" dropdown and choose Layout Mode.


          If you want to adjust your layout, go to Layout mode and adjust the layout as you need.


          If you cannot enter Layout Mode, make sure that you have the privileges required to enter Layout mode.


          Layout mode is the mode in which you can rearrange WHERE things are and how they appear.


          I'm guessing at your question...please explain further if I have guessed poorly.

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            Sorry but you don't understand me.

            View>Layout Mode  -> I can not click it because it is lock . How do i open it  ? Layout and Layout Mode lock . Looks soft

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                 Is this a database some else created? It may be protected by a password that keeps you from selecting layout mode. You might see this even if you weren't asked for a password when you opened the file as an option can be set to automatically open the file with a password.
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                   yes, have password but i believe password. password to enter.  it is saved file
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                  But is it a [Full Access] password?


                  Can you select Accounts and Privileges from Manage in the File menu?


                  Is this a runtime file? (Run time files are created with filemaker pro advanced and distributed to computers that don't have filemaker installed. They open with their own crippled filemaker applicatoin and this application does not permit modifying the file's design. If this is a run time file, it won't have a .fp7 on the end of its filename.)

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                    Please Look,




                     Sorry, you do not understand me

                    I can not open layout and layout mode.LayoutMode and Layout lock,don't click

                    Problem ;

                    Prepared by the document was locked Layout Mode and Layout.How can i do open these?





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                         Please answer this question:


                      Can you select Accounts and Privileges from Manage in the File menu?

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                           I use Filemaker Pro 5.5
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                          WnDrL wrote:
                          I use Filemaker Pro 5.5


                          That's why we have this thread at the top of the forum: (please read, it helps us to help you.)


                          When requesting assistance on this forum...


                          In your case, you have an option called Access Privileges in the File menu. Please check and see if you can open this option. If your file has opened itself with a hidden password, you will not be able to and this will tell me if that's the problem.


                          Another possibility is that you may have a paused script. Open the status area on the left if it is hidden and look for a button that says "continue" if so, continue the script or cancel it. (You might be able to use the Esc key to cancle the sript.)

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                            Sorry, I'm Turkish so my english bad;


                            I don't click 'continue' button etc. and  do not remove password.This problem very important for me.Please you solve my problem.Layout of the document is locked for not change.How can i do active?

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                              Were you able to select Access Privileges from the file menu? I don't see your answer to that question in your last post.


                              Are you able to enter and modify data in the fields of your database? (File or account could be set to Read only.)

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                                So probably a given. I apologize for the inconvenience.



                                Best regards...

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                                   I'm sorry for Disturb but,

                                  Don't Click


                                  Please Look , Access Privileges Don't Click Because no.I'm trying to change the saved file.

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                                    That menu shows that you do not have the file open with a password that allows you to enter layout mode. You'll need that password in order to make changes to the file's design.


                                    If you can get the password and use a windows computer, try opening the file while holding down the shift key. You'll then get the password dialog and you can enter a full access password.

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