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Please help - Date Validation per Item.

Question asked by WilChen on Jun 14, 2011
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Please help - Date Validation per Item.


Hi all, 

I need a big help here, 

I have 3 fields in this database. (1) is Item ID, (2) is DateOUT, (3) is DateIN

Item ID is my equipment to be rent out. >>This field is copied from another database (Equipment Database)

DateOUT is the day item being rent out, DateIN is item being returned.

All below is talking about one single item/equipment .

Let say there is already have a record ITEM ID 28, will be rent out on 15JUN2011 (DateOUT) and return on 26JUN2011 (DateIN).

So when I make a new record entry I input ITEM ID = 28, DateOUT=16JUN2011, DateIN=27JUN2011,

I wish there is a pop up msg to say the day I input is not available "Item is checked out in that period of time." and cancel the new record entry.

I have about 500 items, the thing now I am creating is like every item have their own calendar, i just don't know how.

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My File is a single file with 4 database inside, all created from scratch, It run with simple script steps and relationships graph.

Anyone can help? thanks ^^