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PLEASE HELP - Filemaker Barcode Inventory Solution

Question asked by JamesMelvin-Bath on Jun 9, 2012
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PLEASE HELP - Filemaker Barcode Inventory Solution



I'll admit i'm pretty much a Filemaker Pro Novice. I've used MS Access for ages, but am a bit lost. and really need help knowing what to do.

Basically I would like a database able to complete the following 3 functions:

1. Manually add items, such as "A Case of Peroni" with it's barcode, price and quantity in stock field. (that i can do)

2. Have a form set-up so that when i scan a barcode, lets say for "a case of Peroni" it adds one unit of stock to the database.

3. be able to print off a report of each items name, barcode, cost and quanitity in stock. (this i can also do)

I just can't figure out in filemaker how to even start, please any help would be really apreciated.