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PLEASE HELP - Summary Field of Calculation Field

Question asked by JamesMelvin-Bath on Feb 10, 2013
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PLEASE HELP - Summary Field of Calculation Field



     I use a filemaker pro 12 advanced to manage my stock and my end of day information for my small business...

     However, I would like global totals of stock, and for example, how much money is in the safe.

     Set-up is as follows - Forms allow you to type the number of £20 etc and then uses a calculation field to tell you the total cash in £'s. This figure is the Cash Paid In/Out Field (calculation field). What I would like to do was to use a summary field to give me a global running total of all the figures in the Cash paid in / out Field. This should give me a running safe total. 

     Either that, or if there is some way to get it to pull the previous safe total from the previous record, and then deduct or add the Cash Paid In/Out from that to give a calculated safe total? Whichever option everyone thinks is most fool proof. (not just me using the database) you never know.. some people i work with... have a knack for breaking software :-/

     Here's my problem, filemaker wont summarize a calculation field to the best of my knowledge, to give a safe total (or stock total). I've tried everything I can think of and I really would appreciate anyone's help.

     Thank you, if anyone can offer any help and suggestions I would really appreciate it,



     here's a rough example of what it would look like...:

                    £20 x                     Cash Paid In/Out (£)                     Global Safe Total (£)
                    10                     200                     200
                    1                     20                     200
                    -1                     -20                     200