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    Please Help Clarify



      Please Help Clarify


           Hello all! I was assigned the task of researching a good way to create and host a customer database for the company I work with. After talking with some friends they all pointed me to FileMaker. I have done some research and I feel like it is the way to go. I was hoping you could help me clarify a few things before I commit though.

           1. We are wanting to host the database from our personally owned server

           2. We would like to be able to access them from our IPads

           So my question is do I need to purchase FileMaker Pro, Server, and Go to accomplish all of these tasks? I was watching some videos on YouTube where someone was demonstrating a way to view a screen guide for desktop, iphone, ipad, etc. from FileMaker Pro. Is the database made from FileMaker Pro and distributed via Go? I am very confused how these programs all tie together. 

           Thank you in advance for any / all help.

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               Depending on how many clients that will be connecting may or may not push you into server advanced.

               You develop on your Mac or PC in Filemaker Pro/Advanced...  Then when your done your FM go clients can run the database you just created.  FM go clients can't change anything or develop on them, only run the database.

               I recommned using Filemaker pro Adanced to develop.  There are more features when developing that will make your life much easier.  For normal clients Filemaker pro is fine.


               FYI-  We are running our own server with 250 iPads on FM Server Advanced..  Works great!!

               Hope this helps..



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                 And you can download a 30 day free trial copy of FileMaker 12 to see if it will work for you. FileMaker GO for version 12 is a free download.

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                   Thank you for you quick reply Jason. So to make sure I am understanding this correctly, we buy FM Pro Advanced to create the database. We buy and install FM Server Advanced on the server so our "clients" can access the information. We put FM Go on the ipads so the information can be accessed from them.

                   I also create databases on my own time, currently using MS Access. I distribute them online and have to have my users download Access runtime. Is there a similar feature with FileMaker or does the end user have to own a copy of FileMaker? Sorry if I am asking questions that have already been answered. I really appreciate the help, thank you very much.


                   Phil I am taking your advice and downloading the trial now. I maybe jumping the gun without trying it yet but I feel pretty confident this is the solution we are looking for.

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                     If your iPads will be running the database natively (no syncing), all they have to do is download the FM Go client and conntect to the server/database..  That's it..

                     FM Go is just a client that allows you to conntect to any FM database server or you can run a copy locally if needed too.

                     When your ready for your clients to conntect, just upload the database to the server and away you go..

                     FYI-- Also if you pay the $99 to technet you can get a developer copy of server with 3 client conntections..   Community--- TechNet


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                       Hosting your database onsite with FMPS Advanced is one option.
                       Paying a monthly fee to have a single database hosted on a service is another. (it would take 4 to 5 years of paid hosting to equal the cost of FMPS Adv)

                       A single database could be hosted by a service for $20 to $50 per month

                       FMP Server is $1000     FMP Server Advanced is $3000
                       You can not mix FMP ver12 with earlier versions

                       Filemaker Pro Advanced creates free distributable runtimes, designed to be run by one user, no network sharing.

                       This list of FMP links may be useful


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                         Thank you very much David for the thorough breakdown and linked resources! That last one is very informational and will be very helpful through this process.

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                           And you do not need FIleMaker Server Advanced to host a database to iPad clients running GO. The less expensive FileMaker Server should work just as well for this unless there is a specific feature supported only by Server Advanced that you need for your system.