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Please Help Clarify

Question asked by PaulBrock on Sep 3, 2013
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Please Help Clarify


     Hello all! I was assigned the task of researching a good way to create and host a customer database for the company I work with. After talking with some friends they all pointed me to FileMaker. I have done some research and I feel like it is the way to go. I was hoping you could help me clarify a few things before I commit though.

     1. We are wanting to host the database from our personally owned server

     2. We would like to be able to access them from our IPads

     So my question is do I need to purchase FileMaker Pro, Server, and Go to accomplish all of these tasks? I was watching some videos on YouTube where someone was demonstrating a way to view a screen guide for desktop, iphone, ipad, etc. from FileMaker Pro. Is the database made from FileMaker Pro and distributed via Go? I am very confused how these programs all tie together. 

     Thank you in advance for any / all help.