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Please help for my button script problem!

Question asked by xtremu on Jan 17, 2012
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Please help for my button script problem!


 Hi guys,

Let's say I have 3 tables and every tables has thier own layout and log-in using the username and password option.

Now, I created the main window having 3 buttons. Let's say Button1 is for Layout1, Button2 is for Layout2 and Button3 is for Layout3.

Now my problem is how to secure each layout, If I open the file and log-in on thier respective username and password, then go to main window having 3 buttons. If I click each button I want to have a script on that button to have another window for another username and password before going to the respective layout. So that if other will try to click that button they need to supply the correct username and password before they open that particular layout. Is this possible in filemaker pro 11 advanced? or any script for this?

any help please..thaks