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PLEASE HELP Invoicing and Client Info Maps

Question asked by draychrys on Aug 28, 2012
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PLEASE HELP Invoicing and Client Info Maps


Hi All,


I am new to FileMaker pro 12, I used file maker 11 in the past but have forgotten a lot about using FileMaker.


I am in the process of building a database with information about clients, projects, invoices and a report of what has been going on.


So far I have created a client information page but I am struggling to add a map of my clients address so far I have been able to create a web portal but it brings up the whole web search of the clients address, I would ideally like it to look minimal and just show the map like on the FileMaker website under the contacts section. How can I do that?


Regarding Invoices how do I create a page similar to the one in the invoices section of the website? ( a button that will then take the email info from the email field of the client and email them a copy of the invoice created for them?


I will really appreciate help with any of my questions, or any helpful tutorial links.


Kind Regards