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Please Help me find my Filemaker files!

Question asked by charlie.brush on Jun 16, 2009
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Please Help me find my Filemaker files!


OK, so one of my clients has 3 Filemaker database files. There is no Filemaker Server installed, so they either open the files in one of two ways...

1. They act as the host of the files and others go to FIle | Open Remote to access the files.

2. They open the files by selecting File and then Open Remote and then select one of the options. 

Now, when people go to File | Open Remote, there are no available files to open. Perhaps there was one PC which had shared files and was turned off, but I am not sure about this yet. I searched a couple computers (Windows XP Pro) registries for the location of the files from their recent history andit did not contain the exact path, so is there another way to find out thae originasl path of the files? I searched the networks shares and could only find old database files. This is what it said in the registry...


Media DB6.fp5::*

PR DB6.fp5::*

They are using FM Pro version 6.


Thank you!