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Please help very stuck on finds?

Question asked by JessOttman on Oct 27, 2010
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Please help very stuck on finds?


Please help very stuck on finds?


i have a weekly call plan or for a sales person.who they need to  call to etc.there are 25 individual fields for comapany,date, class,  appointment etc but im just looking at company as its most important for  now.

Iv imported data to a different table eg company names and have the  25 company fields(independently) showing you the company as you  type.(like google)The mon - fri is really just a template it doesnt  affect the fields. (one week plan = one record.)*

Now say for example there are 35 records of this call plan. There is a  number of fields across these records with companies entered. If  somebody was looking to see how many times 'sales person A' went to  helix betweeen the dates 20/02/2009-20/08/2009.

Is there a way to get all those entries of companies and dates and  show them on a report. So all i see is the company i typed in and the  dates 'sales person A' went there.

I hope this makes sense any help is hugely appreciated been trying to figure it out for weeks!

many thanks