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Please Help with a logic field result thanks

Question asked by davelee on Apr 6, 2010
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Please Help with a logic field result thanks


I am new to this and I am trying to make a horseracing result database.

Using FMP 10 I have the starter course for VTC by John Osborne and I also bought The Missing Manuel but I'm still struggling


I have two Calculating Fields that hold the Possible Win amount which is simply Stake times odds 

and the Possible Loss Field which is a minus Stake


I have a Field Finished with a dropdown showing if the horse came 1. 2. etc


I have a Won Lost Field where I would like to do an If function depending on the Finished Field if it came in 1st show the Win amounnt


But it returns the Name of the Field not the contents. same for if the horse came 2nd

any help would be much appreciated i have spent hours trying to work it out.