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Please help with an import script issue

Question asked by 86TurboZ on May 15, 2010
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Please help with an import script issue


I know we have to upgrade as it would solve a multitude of issues. That is planned for later this year. But for now I need to do the following.  First the OS etc.


Windows XP

FileMaker 5.5 and 6.0 with Filemaker Server 5.5


We have a work order system where items come in for repair and based on the model of the item we would like to 'import' parts that are neede for an overhaul. Each model has a specific list of parts. I can create a database of the model and parts but the problem is that when a new work order is created and the model is entered on that work order there is a 'work' sheet which travels around the shop to different stations. This trip sheet needs to have the parts listed based on the model entered on the work order. The trip sheet is a different database. So there are the databases associated with the work order, the database of the model and parts that go with that model and then the trip sheet.


I can put a button on the trip sheet layout which the use must click and if the model is filled out it can take that model and find the records in the master model/parts database. But I'm have a dickens of a time trying to import those records seamlessly. What I would like is that once the button is clicked that the parts 'appear' on the trip sheet. I can script the find of the model to result its parts and I can script the return to the layout which is the trip sheet.


But I'm having trouble getting the data from the parts list to the trip sheet.


Once we upgrade to the new version this entire work order system will probably need to be rewritten to take advantage of the new features. But for now I just need to make this work until we upgrade.


Any help is appreciated.